Vlog #4 On board at at last!

Well me hearties! Shiver me timbers – we were able to take possession of the pirate cutter ‘Little Bear’.  The Dread Pirate Admiral and I took off for the grand adventure and spent the weekend aboard.  We enjoyed glorious weather and relaxed like we’d planned.

The boat had been closed up for three and a half months so smelled like oil but other than that it was neat as a pin and waiting for us to make her ‘ours’.

Here’s a vid of our little adventure.

Well she’s ours now.  The next step is to do an inventory of all the nooks, crannies, and cubbies that abound on the Westsail 32.

Stay tuned, ya swabbies!

Patience +

On 14 Jan 15 I posted a blog about the trouble I was having getting the ‘boat deal’ straightened out.  I predicted, based on what I’d been told by the wharf trolls told me, that it’d be the 29 Jan 15 that would see the deal signed, sealed and delivered.

Well, me hearties, it’s 6 March 15 and yesterday we FINALLY closed the deal. We will be boarding s/v Little Bear this weekend. I’m looking forward to it, and there will be videos of the joyous occasion. Yes, yes there will.

Anyone who has been down this road will well appreciate the roller coaster ride the process has been. I didn’t dream for a moment that it would take so long or be so frustrating but with that storm behind us we can look forward to some smooth sailing literally and figuratively.

Stay tuned!