‘Wake for me’ is intended to chronicle the dusting off, and resurrection of a very old dream. What dream? The dream of sailing away across the horizon.

When I was a young man I had a romantic dream of owning a boat. The dream was to cast off the dock lines and explore the watery world that the Creator of heaven and earth left for us to explore. However, marriage, children, dogs, and white picket fences all occluded that dream.

The years have rolled by and the encumbrances of family have loosened their grip and now the dream has reasserted itself and the siren-song of the sea can be heard again albeit quietly.

I don’t know if I’ll every disappear over the horizon but come along for the ride, it might be fun.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Greeting from the landlubber across the way. I look out across the water towards Boundary Bay. Are you planning on putting HF SSB in to the Little Bear. I run a Winlink Gateway and have had several boaters get their Grib files for their OpenCpn software…Keep it up. I’m enjoying your journey


    • Hi Don, There is an ICOM HF radio in the boat. One of my earlier vids shows what it is. There are also a couple of VHF radios. I’m ditching the old VHF but keeping the old HF set. Right now I’m not thinking about things like GRIB files. I have my head full of getting this part of the refit complete. I want to get her back in the water and go for a sail! If you’re ever over this way, drop by. — Cheers.


  2. I use to work (volunteer) at Burnaby Radio and we helped out a few boaters with their radio issues. I have my head wrapped around radio data. If I had a vehicle I love to come by and get my hands dirty by helping you sand etc. By the time I catch up with your videos. You will probably floating in the water


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