The Yacht Club in the Storm surge

The following set of pictures were from the peak of the storm surge in the river.  It only lasted about an hour or an hour and a half. You can see how the gang way to the float is bent backwards on it’s hinges. Fortunately there was no damage  but any more high water and there would have been.  That gangway was only just installed!
Gangway from the dock at Ward’s
A zoomed in view of the gangway from the dock at Ward’s.
The road and parking lot by the retaining wall of Stewart farm.
The parking lot and gangway at peak tide and storm surge.
The tide is starting to ebb and the surge is dropping.
Tide and surge going back to normal
Nice clean gravel for the boats and vehicles to drive on.
Still submerged but dropping quickly.
The start of the ebb…

All picture credits go to Doug McKinnon Vice Commodore of MBYC. He said that he and the club Secretary Treasurer were down the end of the dock and someone on shore started shouting and waving at them. They couldn’t figure out what was wrong until they interpreted the waving to mean ‘look at the gangway!’. It only took about 10 minutes to to from normal to ‘oh my gosh! we need to vacate NOW!’

Fortunately there was no serious damage to the gangway or the dock itself nor were any animals hurt in the creation of this blog. None of the boats were damaged as the river is fairly protected from the wind that hit White Rock.

Locals are correctly saying they’ve never seen a storm like this one.

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