Little Bear Westsail 32 refit: Clean up & Test fit Blog #157

Arrrrr me hearties. Welcome aboard.

Both tanks are out, so now it’s time to start the replacement phase of the project. Step one is to get all the old expanding foam and assorted hardware removed to create a nice warm, welcoming spot for the new tanks to inhabit.  There really wasn’t much technical about it – peel off, dig out,  the foam cut out the old straps and viola! Done. Well, mostly done. The tank holds are now ready to do some test fitting of a new template tank.

The first rendition of the tank template was made out of cardboard.  It was designed from the  blue prints of the original tanks. The modification that was made was to remove about 6″ from the bottom of the tank in order to make it fit. I don’t believe there exists such a beast as a modular tank. The new tanks will have to go in, in one piece.

Spoiler alert: The cardboard template didn’t fit.  The reason was not what I suspected. In the vid. I stated that there was an old exhaust hose that had been routed up & around the tank and a couple of metal straps, and some wiring.  Well none of that was the reason the tank would not fit.

The reason was the width of the tank across the top. The space in the hold is 16″ wide. The tanks are 23″ wide. So….. how to reshape the template to make it fit?  I don’t want to kill the volume of the tanks. They were designed to hold 38 Gallons of fuel. If I lose 5 or  10 gallons I could live with that but any more would be unacceptable.

Like most projects I undertake, I figured it out. But if you want to know … you’ll have to wait till next week. 😉

As always, fair winds following seas, and God bless.



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