Little Bear Westsail 32 refit: Coppercoat! Blog #102

Arrrrr me hearties. Welcome aboard.

I made the decision to use coppercoat ever since I had Little Bear hauled out and her bottom pressure washed. The old anti-fouling was very bad and required a complete strip-down. I figured that while I was doing the job I might as well do a really good job that is going to last a while. I purchased the product months ago. The other projects like the through hulls, interlux interprotect and so on has taken some time and delayed the application of the coppercoat. But now the time has come to get the boat’s bottom covered.

This stuff doesn’t cover very thickly so it requires four coats. The stuff has to kick off so that it’s “tacky on tacky” coating. It took about 3/4 of an hour for each coat so by the time I got one coat finished the next was ready to start. It made for a very long day. No breaks, no lunch. Just painting, and painting, and painting. But boy do I ever like the result. I get complements and comments from passers-by as well as the guys in the club.

It’ll be interesting to see how it stands up to the water here in the Pacific North West. I’ll let you know.

In a couple of years.

As always fair winds, following seas, and God bless.

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