Little Bear Westsail 32 refit: Deck Prep Blog #96

Arrrrr me hearties. Welcome aboard.

Now that the hull is done it’s time to turn my attention to the deck. Before I can put the boomkin and bowsprit back in place I need to put the cap rails on. Before I can put the cap rails on I need to paint the areas that they’ll cover. So I’m basically painting the fore and aft decks. It was a small and relatively easy job to do. It didn’t take long and the result is satisfactory.

One of the things that doesn’t show in the vid & I don’t’ discuss much, is the issue I had with the spray gun. About 1/2 way through spraying it basically stopped shooting paint. With the cup full of paint, 2 part paint that was curing, I couldn’t troubleshoot what the matter was. I ended up opening the cup, spraying primer all over the place in order to use a brush to finish the job with.

Once I was done and cleaned up I discovered that there was a gob of something in the paint feed part of the gun. I don’t think it was old paint as I’m very careful when cleaning my gear. It may have been introduced via the compressor. The compressor in the club is old and has never been serviced. Whatever the cause, I got the job done and while it didn’t work out the way I had imagined the end result was good. And so we move on…

As always fair winds, following seas, and God bless.

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