Little Bear Westsail 32 refit: Drilling the Bowsprit Blog #74

Arrrrr me hearties. Welcome aboard.

Now is the time for all good bowsprits to be shaped and formed into useful configurations. With a fair bit of optimism and naivete, I started this phase of the project thinking that it would be straight-forward and simple enough with a good plan. Good plans are good but sometimes unforeseen circumstances can thwart the best of good plans.

At the end of the day the holes were drilled, filled and redrilled, but my, my, my, what a journey it was. Bit of a roller coaster ride. This is the beginning of what turned out to be a repetitive job making adjustments to correct the errors I encountered along the way.

I did manage to get it done. I have a couple more holes to drill but can’t do that till I test fit the bowsprit on the boat.  That has to wait till I have new stainless nuts & bolts in hand and the paint is finished.

As always fair winds, following seas, and God bless.

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