Little Bear Westsail 32 refit: Wood Workin’ Blog #71

Arrrr me hearties, welcome aboard!

At this stage of the game I’m up to my gun’ls in wood. In order for the bowsprit platform to fit on the bowsprit I have to create a bit of a ledge for it to sit on. I accomplished this by ripping a bit of Douglas Fir to size on a table saw and then joining the pieces together to create a long board about 1″ x 2″ x 8′.  I then sanded and rounded off the ends and epoxied them in place. Once this is done I’ll be ready to start the drilling / filling phase of the bowsprit project. This phase is a bit intimidating as the bowsprit is 9′ 6″ and weighs about 160lbs.  It is not a small piece of wood that I can heave up and down the steps to the deck! Nevertheless, I press on.

While fitting the boomkin, I dropped the end fitting and one of the beams from the deck to the ground. That’s a drop of about 9 feet.  The impact didn’t hurt the wood – just scuffed it a bit but it revealed crevice corrosion in the boomkin end fitting.  I’ve contracted with a metal worker to have the piece remade but that’s going to take a few days to get done.

I took a moment to do a bit of ‘experimenting’ with some hardened penetrating epoxy. I was curious to see how it would withstand banging, compression and other abuse. The stuff is more flexible than west epoxy and my results were quite interesting. See the video for a graphic demonstration.

I have sanded the glass on the bowsprit platform and I need to fill a couple of air holes & paint.  Other than that the platform is mostly ready for re-installation.  I’ll probably sand it again with a finer grain of sand paper for a smoother finish but that will only take a few minutes.


As always, fair winds, following seas, and God bless.

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