Little Bear Westsail 32 refit: Beef & Broccoli Blog #69

Aaarrrr me hearties, welcome board!

This blog isn’t about beef and broccoli so much as it is about seacocks and removing them. So why beef and broccoli? Well haven’t you noticed that #69 on the Chinese food menu is always Beef & Broccoli? It’s true, check it out. And this happens to be blog #69 so there you go – mystery solved.

All the seacocks are out, tools recovered, and a wee bit of ‘inception’. 😀

I needed to create teak spacer blocks for the boomkin beam. For the most part the old ones were OK, but a couple were rotted. Which leads me to believe that like the bowsprit, they weren’t teak to begin with. So, I figured if I’m going to make a couple of new ones why not do them all. So I did. Not a particularly difficult task. I cut little squares out of the teak and then epoxied a smaller piece on top.

In order to prevent future splitting of the bowsprit platform, I laid some fiberglass roving on the underside of the bowsprit platform. It was another fairly straightforward job. I painted the platform with resin, laid the roving on top, then wet out the roving and let harden. Once hardened I trimmed off the excess and now my platforms are strong. Like a tractor. Smart, like a bull. Yes.

As always, fair winds, following seas, and God bless.

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