Little Bear Westsail 32 refit: Thru Hull recessing Blog #67

Arrrrr me hearties, welcome aboard.

The long awaited task of getting the through hulls recessed has begun. I’ve been procrastinating on this job because it’s a bit intimidating. I am NOT a craftsman of any sort and I’m particularly bad with numbers. So, figuring out how to drill, expand, and make great big holes in the bottom of my boat is more than a little intimidating. But it’s not going to get done if I don’t do it, so it’s time to pirate up and get `er done! Aaarrrrrr.

I could have gone with a beveled flush mount through hull but considering there’s nothing physically wrong with the old ones and the cost of these babies makes black beard look like Santa Claus, I thought I’d invest a bit of armstrong and reuse them by recessing them. I used a ‘rabet bit’ on my router. The dimension of the bit is about 1/8″ too small but I got around that by removing the bearing on the bit and letting the spindle run against the inside of the hole. Yes, it got a bit hot but didn’t burn anything and I was able to squeeze out the extra 1/8″ I needed.

I will epoxy the raw glass and when I fit the new seacocks / through hulls I’ll epoxy / fair in the now flush through hulls. Before you ask, yes I’m going to put a 1/2″ fiberglass backing plate inside to make up for what I lost by routering out the glass to recess the through hulls.

As always, fair winds, following seas, and God bless.

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