Little Bear Westsail 32 refit: Tiki-Tiki Blog #50

Arrrrr me hearties! Welcome aboard.

It’s all about beauty. Without beauty the world we be a very dull & drab place. God very kindly provided us with beautiful things all through creation. One of those things happens to be teak.

Teak is a most beautiful form of wood. Adding teak to a classic boat is like putting beautiful jewelry on a woman. Adding teak to a boat doesn’t add anything to her seaworthiness, but it sure makes her look beautiful. And it’s all about beauty.

There is a smallish problem though – teak is cost prohibitive.   Running about $36 p/ board foot it is a bit much to replace for a DIY amateur.  Because of the cost I’m cleaning & refurbishing the teak on Little Bear. Some of the cap rails are damaged, the bowsprit platform is cracked / split and some of the supporting blocks are beyond salvage. The bits that have to be replaced, will be replaced. The bits that can be repaired will be repaired.

When I took the cap rails off they’d been bedded on poly-sulfide which had grown old & brittle. The brittleness caused leaks which previous owners tried to fix by squeezing various compounds up under the rails. It didn’t work.  If you’re going to do a job – do it right.

I took the rails off & cleaned off the various compounds, I also sealed the hull-deck  joint with epoxy. No more leaks.

Today I’m getting the grunge of years of exposure to the elements cleaned off. Once clean I’ll take them into the shed and repair what I can. I’ll then sand & treat the wood with penetrating epoxy and finally regular epoxy which I’ll coat with UV protecting varnish.

Here’s the captivating and oddly satisfying video right here:

Fair winds, following seas, and God  bless.

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