Little Bear Westsail 32 refit: Cap Rails Pt. 5 Vlog # 47

Arrrrr me hearties! Welcome aboard.

The time has come to apply the epoxy product I purchased to seal the hull-deck joint to the hull-deck joint. I’m very happy with the result. The epoxy mixture ends up being a grey colour but it will live under the teak cap rails so it doesn’t really matter.

The epoxy was hard to mix being very stiff but it was easy to trowel on to the  joint. It has a relatively short ‘pot life’ so you can’t hang about once the two parts are mixed together. After the first application I used my angle grinder and a 60 grit disk to smooth it out. I then applied a second application to level the joint. For the second application I used my Fein tool with a sanding disk of 80 grit to smooth it all out.

I must confess that I did have a batch cook off on me.  I’d made an extra large batch in my jug / palette and then got distracted helping some guys move their cat into the shed. By the time I got back to the job, the batch was hot to touch and was unusablely hard already. It’s called an ‘exothermic’ reaction.  And that is why I changed from using the jug / palette to a melamine board. With the mixture spread out it doesn’t start the chemical reaction so readily.

Ok, enough jibber-jabber here’s the vid:


Fair winds, following seas, and God  bless.

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