Little Bear Westsail 32 refit: Through-hull removal tool Vlog #43


Ahhhrrrrr me hearties! Spring is in the air. I can smell it. I can feel it. In spite of the onslaught of rain, Spring is coming. And I for one, am looking forward to it.

Work on Little Bear has slowed to a crawl over the winter months, mostly due to inclement weather, but also due to other small things getting in the way. Like moving house. Yeah, we sold, bought, and moved into a new house. We didn’t actually move the house. We left the old one where it was and moved to a new one. A long way too, I might add. A whole 48 seconds by car if you get the one light green.

Anyway, in spite of things slowing down I have been working on the boat.  In this episode I took a break from not working on the boat and went to the Vancouver Boat Show with Dread Pirate Vlad. We both thought it was a bit of a wash.  I don’t think I’ll go again next year.

I also introduce the manufacture of a through-hull removal tool.  Yes, I know that a ‘step-tool’ would do the job just fine. However, they cost in the region of $70.  And I don’t trust them to stand up to the amount of torque that needs to be applied to get the old fittings out.  So as an alternative I spent a whopping $6 on some cold rolled steel rod and a welder friend of mine welded up a pair of tools for me.

Here’s the vid:

As always, fair winds, following seas, and God bless!


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