Little Bear Westsail 32 refit: Removing hardware from Bow Sprit & Boomkin Vlog #42

Aaarrrrr, me hearties!

In this episode, I move inside the shop to start stripping the hardware off the bowsprit and boomkin.

The bowsprit was the most obvious part of the boat that needed serious attention in order to make the boat sea-worthy when I started this refit. Once I got started stripping the sprit, I realized how bad it was. Quite scary. If you watch the youtube episode of the Shake-down cruise you’ll see me standing out on the bowsprit while underway.  If I had known how bad it was, I would NOT have done that!

The sprit was made of laminated Douglas Fir planks. The planks had de-laminated and become wet through. The consequent rot is end to end.  Interestingly, the teak attached to the sprit is in perfect condition!

I already have the replacement for the sprit. I need to get it cut & shaped but that is a project for another episode. I need to purchase wood for the boomkin. Fortunately, that won’t be as expensive as the sprit.

Here’s how it went down:





Fair winds, following seas, & God bless!



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