Little Bear Westsail 32 refit: Mast Pin Removal Vlog #41

It was a crisp, cool, bright day down at the yacht club. A perfect day to get the stainless pin out of the mast.  With a little jig, a song, and a wee dance we managed to get the pin out. Ok, we skipped the song & dance bit.

In a previous blog I wrote how when we took the mast down the SS pin that holds the mast in the tabernacle had corroded against the aluminium tube that it runs through. The corrosion made it impossible to remove with a hammer.  We used a sawzall to cut the pin. Then we removed the mast from the boat. Once the mast was on the ground we were able to create a jig that allowed the use of a hydraulic jack to press the pin out. A welder friend of mine said that a bit of heat would work well as the aluminium would heat up much faster than the SS and expand away from the pin. He was right.


After the pin removal I decided to pressure wash the deck.  Little Bear has been sitting on the hard for 7 months now and the deck is getting nasty with dirt, algae (from the rain), and detritus from the work I’ve been doing.  It looks much better for being clean. I also put plastic over the hull deck joint.

We’re making good progress. Till next time –

Fair winds, following seas, & God bless.

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