Cap Rail Removal Part 1: Refit #15 Vlog #31

Aarrrrrrr me hearties!  Welcome aboard again!

Each time I get some hardware or some piece removed from Little Bear I think well that’s just about it for removing stuff.  Then I see something else or I think of something else that needs to be done.

The latest bit that I’ve tackled is the Cap Rails. These are teak planks that run from bow to stern on top of the bulwarks. When they are in good condition they look beautiful and have the practical purpose of covering the hull-deck join.

In Westsail 32’s they are a known trouble spot. The goo that was originally used to seal the joint gets old & brittle and then allows serious leakage into the interior of the boat. This will not do.

So, I’ve decided to remove said cap rails and old brittle goo. I’ll then refinish the teak, clean up the hull / deck join and seal it with something that will hopefully last longer and provide a water-tight seal against the ocean for a long time to come.

This vid  shows some of the challenges, solutions, and successes I’ve experienced so far.

Fair winds, following seas, and God’s blessing.


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