Dang Tangs: Refit Update #12 Vlog #27

Arrrrr me hearties – welcome aboard for another edition of skinned knuckles, sweat, more sweat, cramped muscles, more sweat, tools, insulation, more sweat, and beers.

I’m really getting in the the thick of it now. I’m having to do things that may leave scars. I’m talking about cutting wood, drilling holes, grinding various bits and so on. The mast & bow-sprit are now off the boat. It’s time to get the tangs & chain plates off.

Some passers-by have said that the stainless looks fine, why replace it? But unless you have x-ray vision, you can’t see what evil lurks beneath the shine of stainless. And that is the evil that stainless is. You can’t tell. It’s not like wood where you can see & feel rot, it’s not like steel where you can see rust & corrosion. It just sits there all smiley like and looks good until one day when you least expect it – *boom* it breaks. And sometimes with catastropic results. Just ask Louie Van Praag but for a toggle, the ship was lost.

Nope, the best insurance, and the greatest peace of mind comes with new stainless. Once I’m out there, I’ll feel better knowing that my SS is new.

In the mean time, I have to get the old off. Here’s how it went down:

Fair winds, following seas, and God’s blessings


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