Little Bear Westsail 32 Refit Progress #8 & Vlog #21

Arrrrrrgh me hearties!

At last! Some visual proof that I’m making progress. Seems like sanding will never end but today I put some epoxy primer on the boot stripe and below as well as the rudder. Today a dog walker commented on how it seems that I’m always sanding but now I have evidence that can be seen that progress is happening.

I’m using VC Tar by interlux. It is black in color and smells like a felt pen. But very strong. There’s warnings on the can not to inhale the vapors of this stuff. Sage advice. I only had 1 quart. The reason is that I’m going to cover the entire bottom in Interprotect 2000 once I’m ready. And I only wanted to seal the boot strip and use the finish as a guide to see how my filling sanding looks. Although the bottom will be out of sight under the water the boot strip and just below will be visible so I want it to look smooth as a baby’s bum.  I’m happy with the results so far. Have a look:

Fair winds, following seas, and God’s blessings


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