Little Bear Westsail 32 Refit Progress #6 & Vlog #19

Arrrrrr me hearties!  It’s hotter than a firecracker out there today!  But that didn’t stop ol’ Dread Pirate Biff from gettin’ his covies on and doin’ some work on ol’ glass sides did it now? No it did not!

I returned to the boat in the late afternoon after work and ground out the last of the mystery blisters. That did not take long and I continued with the sanding theme by sanding down the rudder which I had applied fairing putty to on Saturday.  The putty was well set up and sanded down without too much hardship. The result was good but I paid the price in sweat – yeah it’s hot out.

I sanded for about 3 hours and called it a day. I also created a wee bit of a vid for you with decent sound. Ye’d better appreciate it ye bilge water suckin’ scallywags!

Here th’ vidi be:

Fair winds, following seas, and God’s blessings


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