Little Bear Westsail 32 Refit Progress #5

It’s another gorgeous day on the Wet Coast. I spent it working on Little Bear. I even took some video so you could see what I’m up to.

Smallish snag though – I’m using my GoPro again and I took my goose-neck clamp, my GoPole floaty, and the standard GoPro case. Once I got there I realized I had failed to bring the correct mount for the goose-neck mount.

Being the creative  pirate that I am. I hung the GoPro from a cable using the wrist-strap on the GoPole floaty.  I was doing some stop-motion but the GoPro was swinging a bit in the wind. It didn’t look to bad to me, but when I watched the video I realized you all would thank me for not posting it.

The second consequence was that I was using the standard case without my Sena Bluetooth audio pack. The Sena gives FAR superior audio. Much better than the GoPro in it’s standard case but this GP is the THIRD one I’ve had and when I tested it it was freezing too. I suspect that it may be the Sena. So I left it at home. Well the GP did capture the audio but it also captured (and amplified) the minute noises the wrist strap made as it swung around while I was moving – here’s a pic:

Ya .. .that fabric wrist holder swinging on it’s ring sounded like a blacksmith bashing on his anvil.  You could hardly hear was I was saying and it just sounded cacaphonic. Very unpleasant. So I’ll belay the uploading of the video and redo it tomorrow with the Sena.  That way you should be able to hear pleasant sounds (me) and no black-smithy.

Until then, fair winds, following seas, and God’s blessings.


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