Little Bear Westsail 32 Refit Progress #2

Arrrrr me hearties – welcome aboard.

The bottom paint project had to take a wee bit of a hiatus. Here’s why;

1. I was using a HVLP (high volume low pressure) spray gun to apply the Gel-Strip.  Unbeknownst to me, when I started to spray the starboard side a bit of mist blew onto the boat beside me. !!!  NOT GOOD. Time to desist doing that. Fortunately the damage was minimal and nothing serious came of it. However, there won’t be any more spraying till the boat next door gets splashed.

2. There are other things that need to be done on Little Bear.

3. I’ve ordered the Coppercoat but it won’t arrive for another week or so.

In the mean time I decided to have a go at the head.  If you remember, on our maiden voyage there were ‘issues’ with stinkage in the head department.  Well, I purchased a new commode, and bought replacement parts for the lectra san.

I  replaced the parts in the lectra san but didn’t finish wiring it when I discovered that a couple of the wires were just too short to put fresh terminals on. So the next logical step was to remove what I think is the original commode:

head shot

I don’t know why – but at the time, I thought the first thing to do would be to remove the hoses.  I removed the hose that connects the toilet to the Y-valve first. This released a stench that could only be compared to Satan’s fart. It was like a slap to the side of the sinuses. The only way to avoid not smelling the roses, so to speak, is mouth breathing. But if you know ANYTHING bout how smell works you know that smell is cause by particles of what you’re smelling entering your nose. So if you mouth breathe, you’re getting those same particles in your mouth. Talk about potty mouth. BLECH!

Having realized my mistake, I decided to unbolt the commode from the cabin sole. I started to do this until I realized that the nuts on the studs holding the commode down were corroded in place and the studs themsleves were spinning out. They are about 10 inches long and I am not sure if the nuts beneath are accessible or not, held in place or not, so I decided to try a different tack.

This is where my buddy Fein comes in again. I put the saw blade attachment on and by adjusting the angle I was able to get the tool under, around and in place – I just sawed through the pedestal of the commode! It took just a matter of seconds and *boom* the bowl was free.

I then applied the Fein to the remaining sanition hoses and they came off in a matter of seconds.

Now, here is where God steps in and assigns his angels to protect stupid, old pirates, named ‘Biff’.  I decided to heave the commode out the forward hatch. Not a big deal it’s not that heavy.  And I managed. I got it up and out the hatch and onto the forward deck in short order.  Now I had to lower it to the ground. Rather than struggle with it down the length of the deck and down the rickety old stairs set up against the hull, I grabbed a rope and tied it around the pipe between the bowl and pump. and lowered it over the side. It was then that I realized how close I’d come to a very unwelcome baptism. For, you see, there was considerable sewage left in the plumbing and as the bowl tilted, out it came. Not on me, not on my boat, but on the ground. Oh, the stench. Yes, God loves me. Very much.

So, the commode went into the big bin, and out came the hose to wash down the wash pad. Crisis over, stenchification averted.

While I was at it, I removed the lectra san. I thought it would be easier to rewire it on a bench rather than in a cubby-hole on the boat.  In the following shot you can see the remains of the commode pedestal and the cubby that the lectra san lives in:

head shot 2

Here’s the old crap (pardon the intentional pun) on the deck:

out foul beast

Next phase will be to clean, paint, and ready the head for the reinstallation of the new commode and the repaired lectra san.  Stay tuned

Fair winds, following seas, and God’s blessing.


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