Vlog #18 Fein I wouldst have ye unbox!

Arrrrrr, me hearties. Orders for the day:

  • Good news!
  • Fun
  • Bad news!

Yes – in that order.

First the good news.  GoPro finally got around to sending me a new Hero 4.  I fired it up and it worked so well that I celebrated by creating a new vlog to throw on to the deck of Wakeforme.

Then … fun! I bought a new toy tool. It is the Fein Multi-tool. I’ve read that no one who gets one of these regrets it. So I didn’t hesitate to pillage one for myself. I’ve used it for a couple of jobs now and it is everything I expected and more. I’m very pleased with my purchase.  The initial used was to apply the scraper attachment and use it to scrape bottom paint off the bottom of Little Bear. It worked exceedingly well. More on that in a subsequent post.  I then attached the cutting attachment and used it to cut through the sanitation hoses that were more or less welded to the fittings in the head. Saved me hours of work I’m sure. With the adjustable head, I was able to get the tool in to very awkward spaces and cut, cut, cut. And it only took a moment. Most impressive.

And finally the bad news. Not as impressive as the Fein Multi-tool, the GoPro Hero 4 lasted exactly one day before crapping out and freezing. One. Day. How disappointing.

When a customer pays as much for a device as these things cost you would expect QA (quality assurance) to be top notch, wouldn’t you?  Nope.  Two cameras in a row. Same issue. Same fault. And while GoPro dithers – I miss out on capturing updates to my sailing, boat refit, adventures. Most unimpressive.  If you don’t have a GoPro, and want one… DON’T. Google ‘hero 4 freezes’ before you do and you’ll see that it’s a very common problem and frustration levels with GoPro owners is exceedingly high.  One star out of 5.  😦

But here, amuse yourself for 15 minutes with the  most boring unboxing vid ever:


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