Vlog # 17 On The Hard!

Arrrrrr me hearties!  I’m not sure why they call it ‘on the hard’. It’s more like, on the wet, crunchy, and somewhat squishy. It’s been a long time coming but we finally have Little Bear out of the water and up on dry land.  That’s why it’s ‘on the hard’, under the wet, crunchy, and somewhat squishy bits there is asphalt. And asphalt is definitely hard. Especially if one ‘wobbles’ off the deck under the influence of certain libations. Not that I have any experience with that…

So why wet, crunchy, and somewhat squishy you ask?  It was a bit odd really, a puzzle to ponder while pulling watch on those long ocean passages. The starboard side of the hull was covered with about 3″ of mussels.  The port side had virtually none. Once my barnacle addled brain pushed through the haze I deduced that at some point in the recent past, someone had scraped the hull but only on one side – the port side. Now, I suspect that this was done in the water as, if the P.O. is to be believed, the boat hasn’t been hauled in a great deal of time.  The boat was moored at her previous dock port side to the dock finger. So If you were standing on the dock, you could use a scraper of some sort with a long handle and have at it. The starboard side … well there’s only been one recorded incident of a man walking on water and scraping the hull was not His intention.

So … I fired up the Honda pressure washer cranked it up to ludicrous pounds per square inch and blasted the living guts out of everything that was attached to the hull. Including a lot of bottom paint (not that bottom paint is alive or anything but I thought I’d throw that in there just to demonstrate the awesome power of Honda).  The result left the ground (very) wet, crunchy, (and after walking through the mussels & barnacles) somewhat squishy.  I shovelled all the crud into a garbage can and I reckon it probably weighed about 75 lbs.  That’s a lota mussel.  Yep. It’s seafood tonight! Steamed & served with a bit of melted garlic butter.. mmmm mmmmmmm

Ok, I know – pics or it didn’t happen, right? Fine. Here, have a vid:

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