Fun, Frivolity, and Sanitation

AAAAaaarrrrrrr, me hearties.  The fun continues unabated.  I diagnosed the problem with the LectraSan down to a badly corroded solenoid & fuse block. I contacted Raritan and ordered the solenoid and fuse block. $132.  Zoiks.  Probably worth about $16.  Nevertheless, I ripped out the old and installed the new:

The old:


The new:


When I communicated with Raritan support they said that I did not need to remove the LectraSan from the boat to do the job, it could be done in situ.

Well, technically they’re correct. But they didn’t say anything about dropped washers, dropped bolts, and rewiring wires that are WAY too short, too short to get a wire stripper onto. I managed to figure it all out with the aid of a wee dram. Or five. I have yet to connect the joltage to confirm the device works but I’m fairly confident it will. I just need to be a wise old pirate and double check a few connections before throwing the switch. At which point, I’ll have a device that stirs the sh*7 – quite literally – on board. An electronic poop disturber.  I’ll have to jury rig some kind of launching device so when nefarious scoundrels attempt to board I can launch that most unpleasant of slurries (McSlurry?) at them.

Here’s a shot of the solenoid mostly in.


Two of the original wires had their terminals snipped off and replaced due to corrosion but then they were too short to connect so, I had to scab on extra wire to fit.

The dreaded Sea Dog Bean dropped by to have a look –


His expression says it all.

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