A bad boat day.

Arrrrrr as far as I’m concerned, me hearties, any day on the boat is a good day! But for some…

dead boat

This boat day is a red day, a bad day, a soggy bottom day, a day of moorning.  Hats off to the recently departed the neglected, the derelict.

Seriously, this ‘island’ of flotsam sits in (on?) the water about 50 yards from where Little Bear be moored. Why not take care of ye stuff? Visit it once a year or so. Someone, somewhere would have loved to have had a little craft like that. They would have taken care of it, nurtured it, and loved it. But NO! Let it sit and rot and become derelict. Now the contents of the fuel tank, bilge, and oil sump are adding to the bio-sphere of the hole. Too bad. There oughta be a law against that…. oh wait, never mind – only one thing to do:

dead frog

Hoist a Dead Frog in honour of a dead boat.

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