Mud Bay Yacht Club Spring Picnic

Tis early in the pleasant, warm, happy season on the wet… er, west coast.  A perfect time for the Mud Bay Yacht Club to throw their Spring soiree.

I should explain. MBYC is a very exclusive, high-society, blue blazer type of club. Two or three times a year the members get together to network, discuss such troublesome topics as dredging the mud from the marina, derelict boats, relations with the local farmers, whether beer or rum makes for a more suitable drink for high-society types, and whether an accordion or squeeze box makes a better instrument. Really.

Here’s a picture of the work-shop with the picnic burgees flying gaily in the wind. I asked around what they spelled out but no one seems to know. After all, what self respecting wearer of the blue-blazer would need to know nautical flags?


Actually, I thought it would be amusing to figure out what it says just in case someone put something a bit naughty up the flag pole:

  • The top flag is upside down, it is ‘7’
  • The next flag is: ‘Negative’
  • The next flag is: ‘Interogative’ or ‘Int’
  • The next flag is: ‘2’ or ‘Pennant 2’
  • Then: ‘5’ or ‘Pennant 5’
  • The last is: ‘4th Sub’ or fourth substitute.

So, you see, if that makes sense to you, clearly, you belong to the exclusive, the elite, the high-seas society. You are in fact a pirate at heart and you need to contact the club immediately and join.  We have secret hand-shakes and everything.

Here’s more proof, the club members:

MBYC picnic

What proper event like this would be without suitable entertainment?  This year, like last year, and the year before, and the year before, and the year before,  and the year before,  and the year before, we had the pleasure of a member of the ‘British Invasion’ playing acoustic versions of his cover of various folk tunes.  Here for your viewing pleasure is none other than Paul.  (No, not THAT Paul)…

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