Ol’ Cranky

A short video and a quick update on the Little Bear situation.

I took the new AGM battery to the boat and installed it. With bated breath, I gave the glo-plugs a good 10 second warmup shot, then turned the key.  The ‘Suzie’ jumped to life so quickly it startled me. That AGM butt-kicker spoke with great authority to the starter and the result was very satisfying. No more teeth-clenching cranking, no  more wondering if the iron-maiden will wake up and serve before the mast (or propeller as the case may be), now the power to start is mine, all mine!! (Insert maniacal piratey laughter here).

Ok, so with the diesel happily idling over I decided to give moving the mooring buoy anchor / tackle a nudge to see if we could move it. I put the boat into gear and slowly took up the slack on the chain.  We had tied off the mooring pennant to the windlass winch and then the samson post at the bow.  Initial attempts to move the tackle proved futile.  In spite of the charts saying that 400 lbs of concrete wasn’t enough, I think we’re right on the edge of a secure system.

I backed the boat up giving the chain some slack then took the boat forward at about 2 knt. When the slack went out of the chain, the bow nodded and I could ‘feel’ the tackle dragging. So, it is possible to move it but it took a fair amount of power. Consider – Little Bear weighs 10 ton.  The Isuzu develops 50hp so I had 10 ton moving at approximately 2 – 3 knts and only with that amount of mass moving at that speed did the tackle budge.

We moved the tackle to a much more suitable position where Little Bear would not be swinging into her neighbours, and once settled we also threw out a 25 lb bruce.  That should hold her till we can get a bit more weight on the bottom.

The new plan is to use another garbage can but this time we will use old V8 motor heads as ‘reinforcement’. We will use a bit of PVC pipe down the center so that we can run the existing chain up through the new weight and have it sitting in line with the existing weight.  We will allow time, wind, and tide to see if the additional weight will hold Little Bear.  In the mean time we wait for an opening on the dock at wards marina. Much more convenient.

Here is how she’s sitting today:

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