Vlog #12 Pre-Shakedown Trial Run

The alignment of weather, schedules, stars, goats, and random candy wrappers finally happened and we are off to bring Little Bear home across the strait. Dread Pirate Biff, Dread Pirate Admiral, and Dread Pirate Vlad set off on another trip to Pender Island but this time there will be no return ferry ride – we’ll be bringing Little Bear back.

Due to the fact that the boat is old and there are so many unknowns regarding how it will perform and run, we decided to take her out for an hour or so as a pre-shakedown trial run.

We were joined by Lanmonkey GeoCaching Adventures who tried to explain that GeoCaching was very similar to treasure hunting … except land based rather than sea based.  I suppose highway robbery is a form of piracy isn’t it?  Arrrrr…  Well, in truth GeoCaching isn’t exactly on the highway although it can be. Most of it is done in parks and such so that you actually do have to hunt for the treas— er, GeoCache.

So here is what the pre-shakedown trial run & GeoCaching guests looked like:

Dread Pirate Admiral jumped ship this time and joined the GeoCachers on land for some land based fun.  She managed to get some very good shots of Little Bear from the shore side cliffs

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