Vlog #10 Shore Leave

Pirate parlance states that even the saltiest old tar has to take shore leave for various and sundry reasons.

T’was a dark and somewhat dank morning when on the way to our regularly scheduled privateering we came across a corsair that offered a tempting target. However, once the grappling hooks were deployed and we attempted to board our prize we discovered they’d pre-empted our raid by covering the deck with a liberal dose of cod-slime. Even th’ most sure footed of the barnacle bottomed scurvy lads can not stay vertical under such conditions. So embarrassing as it is to admit, the good Cap’n hit the deck.

And broke his hand.

According to the Dread Pirate Admiral, there’ll be no nautical adventures in my near future. Ha! D’ya think a broken bone or two can slow an old bucaneer such as I? NEVAR AWAY WITH LANDLUBBERIN’ SENTIMENTS!!!!!  AAAAArrrrrrrrrrr

TL;DR  Dumped bike. Broke hand.


I made up for it:


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