Vlog #6 Wood for the new Bowsprit

You may have noticed in one of the previous videos that Little Bear’s bowsprit is in dreadful shape.  The aft end of the sprit is rotten. I can stuff my finger into the wood and pull out chunks of punky rotten wood.  It would be catastrophic to try and sail the Pacific North West with a bowsprit in that condition.

I am also in communication with Bud Taplin the ‘Godfather’ of Westsail who is helping me to get all the standing & running rigging replaced.  Before the standing rigging can be replaced the bowsprit will need to be replaced.

I took a bit of vid so you can see the raw freshly  milled wood that will become the replacement. Come along with Dread Pirate Biff, and Dread Pirate Vlad. Enjoy:

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