Vlog #7 Loot for Little Bear

When we took possession of Little Bear, we did a complete inventory of all the ‘stuff’ that is on the boat.  Part of my intention was to make sure that the boat meets the Canadian Coast Guard requirements.

It did not.

There was a number of things that were on the boat but there were a number of things that needed to be on the boat.  Should we ever be boarded by the CCG pirates we don’t want to give them cause to provide us with a full broad-side of tickets.  Those bad boys can pillage to the tune of $250 per infraction.  That can add up quick. I already pay enough for my letters of marque. Her majesty and crew don’t need any more of my hard earned doubloons. Savy?

So here’s a gander at some of the flotsam & jetsam that we pillaged from Steveston Marine.

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