Vlog #5 Taking stock

Well, what’s the point of having a boat if you know nothing of her provisioning? Huh? Eh? I’ll tell you what – nothing.

So, let me introduce you to my hale and hearty if a little weird crew:  Dread Pirate Vlad.

Why Vlad? Well ladies, you Twilight fans, Vlad is from Transylvania (really!).  I take no chances with Vampires let me tell you. I mean check this out:

Yes, beers were drunk, rum was consumed, good times were had. The weather was West Coast typical – raining and cold. In fact the rain was coming down sideways. The ol’ boat was bouncing up and down in her slip. Seemed like she wanted to escape to sea!! One day my pretty, one day.

In spite of the weather and spirits we did do a comprehensive inventory of the boat. There were some surprises, some mysteries, and some WT…?? items. But at the end of the weekend we had a very good idea of our bill of lading.

Here it is:



5 oil absorbent sheets
Corrosion guard spray
Tent pegs (WT?)
One propane bottle
One sponge
Two seat cushions
green brush
Nylon strap sail ties
Nylon cord for tent (WT?)
One black bag
Leather winch handle holster
Pieces of oil absorbent sheet
BBQ grill
Green tarp
Purple Spinnaker guy
Orange Spinnaker guy
15 pound propane bottle
PVC tube 3″ x 12″
One towel
One towel
BBQ tongs
One very old life ring
One old halyard
One main sheet
One 3/8 diameter sheet
Four dock lines
Four fenders
 One worn-out stay sale halyard
One worn-out burgee halyard
One jib halyard
Two oars
1 Yamaha four stroke high thrust outboard 6G8
Two boat hooks
One boat brush
One dodger frame
One jib sail
Two wooden handles
One beer cooler (yes, on the deck!)
One large water bucket
One home made deck box
1 35 lb CQR anchor
1 25lb Bruce anchor
Chain for two anchors
One 8 foot Dingy
One hockey bag full of old rope (WT?)
One whisker pole
Nav Station. (And under the seat)
ICOM 735 w/ auto antenna tuner 8150 (not functioning)
Navsounder Stowe
Uniden PC-33 (not functioning)
Battery selector switch
Bilge pump switch
5 pound ABC fire extinguisher
2 Burner propane stove
 Rubbermaid tool bag
One wrench set
Various files wood and metal
White and black and read  electrical tape
Cello tape
Scrub brush
Extension cord
Prybar and drill bit
 Oxalic acid
Spackle (WT?)
Rubber gloves
3 L Prestone engine coolant
Two socket sets
One hammer
Ceramic tile (WT?)
Ceramic adhesive (WT?)
Adhesive spreader (WT?)
Velcro roll
Heavy tie wraps
Electrical sander
Rubber hose
Armour-all 1/2 litre
Fuel injector cleaner
Transmission fluid
Caulk saver plug
Super penetrant oil
Turbine oil
Compressed air
Diesel fuel treatment
Starting fluid
Fuel filter bf954
Shark hand vac
25′ measuring tape
7rolls Teflon tape
Door seal
Whipping kit
Rubber tape
Wood glue
Out board fuel fitting
Paint brush
Chart magnifying glass
2 Air horn canister
Air horn
Group 1 medical kit
Heaving line (floating)
 Olin flare gun
Binoculars (zeinus)
Electric polisher
Germ guardian bulb
300 yard fish line 25lb
Multi-meter (analog)
2 duracell d
AAA 2 battery
AA 7 battery
Twist lock ac adapter
Waterproof epoxy
Wire stripper
Suction tube (battery)
Spool of 2 conductor wire
Water pump seal
2 fuses 35 amp / 50 amp
Tube of caulk
Lube for furlex
Wire crimps
Top drawer
Secondary compass
Second drawer
Tin of screws & nuts
Two ball valve ‘Toyo’ Brass fittings
4 3 1/2 hose clamps
Bag of asst. hose clamps
Third drawer
Cotter pins
Wood wedges
Fourth drawer
Down rigger parts
Under th’ sink
Big pot
Corn flour
Port side settee back (aft)
Port side settee back ( forward)
2 plastic goblets
Table cloth
Board game (crib)
Port side settee bench
Carpenter square
Ancient (1979 – really WT?) flares 9 big 7 gun flares
Inflatable dingy pump
12v battery cables (black & white)
Jumper cables
Adapter 120v — twist lock
Adapter twist lok to twist lok
50′ extension cord
Caulk gun —
Teak cleaner
120 grit sand paper
80 grit sand paper
60 grit
Electric sander
Wood bungs
Painter tape
Danish oil finish
Lighten up wood bleach
 Starboard side settee ( bottom)
Mosquito net
Non skid mat
Battery acid tester
2 crab traps
Starboard side settee back
Power bar
Steel cooling sleeve (??)
Hand line fishing
Plant food (WT?)
Garden gloves
Split link
Painter tape
Galley strap
Bag of pulleys
Box of Nav tools
Lunch box of electrical bits
Galley strap
Down rigger
Fishing box
V Birth port
Spinnaker with snuffer
Dodger part
Junk GPS
Humming bird GPS
Chain locker
Battery for windlass
V Birth starboard 
Black bag with Maine and jib
Two sail bags
Mustang cold weather sailing suit two piece red
Mustang cold weather sailing suit one piece orange
Flag on short flagpole

Nope, no canon, no plank 1 for the walking of, but all in all an interesting and eclectic pile of .. um, ‘stuff’.  Some of which went directly to Greg Robertson’s locker. (ie the garbage) Including antique nav electronics and a rather tattered old sail. That sail must have been through the battle of Trafalgar, let me tell you!

A good time was had. Now to move her to a moorage closer to home!

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