Bilge Cat troubles

The bilge cats have been rampaging and pillaging their weasely black guts out. Which all self-respecting bilge cats should.  However, they ran into their nemesis.  A great whale of a cat whose pom-poms need to be removed, savvy?

So, said evil Tom has bitten and left abscessed wounds on both bilge cats. This has cost me in the region of 600 gold doubloons. The Dread Pirate Biff is not impressed.  I have enlisted the support of an ally in the form of a vet. If I get my hands on that evil Tom, he’s going to have his pom-poms forcibly removed from his stern and for free to boot… AAaaarrrr don’t be messin’ wiv me crew now, y’hear?

And if that Tom is yours – don’t be so stinkin’ irresponsible with your live-stock.

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