Vlog #3 Dread Pirate Biff goes to Vancouver International Boat Show

Well me hearties, Dread Pirate Biff here – welcome aboard.

Me swashbuckling crew and I decided to see what there was to see in the way of booty and loot at the Vancouver International Boat Show.  The 24th of Jan was as wet a day as they come on the ‘wet coast’.  It was bucketing down. That didn’t soggify the spirits of Dread Pirate Biff & crew! No indeed. Off we went, rain or no rain we meant to see what booty lay in the depths of the stadium.

We took the Sky Train down-town and I even videoed that part of our adventure. I commandeered the very front on the train and put me cam up on the window to catch and record a fun little trip. However, the villainous scum that run the Sky Train saw fit to keep the wind shield wiper off. Or maybe it was broken either way the resulting video looked … like a wall-eyed git had gobbed a loogie on the lens and smeared it all over.  Or maybe my scummy crew did that. Don’t know wither way I didn’t see fit to post it here.

The Stadium floor was covered with power boats. Some of which would be good pirate craft. However, I didn’t see any Somali’s there so they missed a good deal.

We saw a lovely selection of inflatables, and tons of very cool flotsam and jetsam that would please any craven black-hearted scallywag.

The only thing we purchased was a small pizza and beer – it’s thirsty work rubbing shoulders with would-be sailors all day long.  At any rate, here’s the video, enjoy!

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